Friday, June 3, 2011

What's Up?

Every Friday I always seem to be so swamped with stuff that I cannot write y'all an update about me. Well, I am DETERMINED to write one today, even if it's this short. lol But, hey, at least you'll know I do have a life outside of author interviews and reviews. :-P

Well, let's see...I am writing again! :-D Yay! After a few weeks of no writing and deep (and I mean DEEP) thinking over my story plot, I am madly (trying) to write my current medieval WIP. I say 'trying' because while I would LOVE to be buried in the book for many hours in a day, often that doesn't happen. But! I am on chapter 5 and pushing onward with more confidence than before. And this next week our schedule is very lax, so I have high hopes of getting a lot written! :-D

Hmm...what else? Nothing of a lot of importance, I suppose. We stay busy here with day-to-day things. I am reading (when am I not?!), though I've gotten busier with writing, so don't have as much time. With writing, reading, blogging, and helping out around the house, I often go to bed into the wee hours only to wake up early and start it all over again. I love staying busy and productive, so don't mind it. 

What are y'all up to these days? Any writers out there busy on a WIP? How's that coming?

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